Puget Sound Creosote Awareness Project 
"Never look at driftwood the same way again"
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Puget Sound Creosote Awareness Project was founded in 2001. Tony Frantz, founder, has been instrumental in the fight for bringing about  public awareness of the dangers of creosoted wood that gathers on the beaches of Whidbey Island and around the Puget Sound in WA state to all living creatures in the food chain from the smallest pile dwellers on up to us human beings. In 2005, Tony was recognized for his work in the field and named Mr. Creosote by the WA State Senate (Res. No. 8668).

The goal of this site is to present you with a visual experience to teach you about creosoted wood that gathers on the beach. Some pieces are obvious--they are covered in a tarry substance or even smell like tar. Others weather with age and exposure and look like common everyday driftwood. We hope you'll leave this site with a better understanding of what the wood looks like, why it is dangerous for the environment and ways of dealing with cleaning it up and preventing it from being there in the future.

Thanks for taking the time with us,

Tony Frantz
Puget Sound Creosote Awareness Project

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